El Salvador by Bali Creative Development is a modern luxury homestead located in Canggu. With a beautiful blend of European and Indonesian designs, "El Salvador" combines antique tastes with modern features making it a hub for meeting and a compound to enjoy and relax for friends and family. With a glittering pool and expansive gazebo, guests can yield to the views of Balinese nature and beyond while being tucked away in the privacy of rice field views Each El Salvador villa beholds a pathway alongside the gardens leads to the exceptional guest quarters making it a comfortable and multi-purpose villa


Semi furnished:
Tapware by Bagnolux/Wasser/TOTO
Jet Shower, Towel Bar, Paper Roll Holders Gas Stove by Modena
X4 AC DAIKIN 1.5 pk FTC 35
Built-in beds by concrete structure and finish by polished
concrete/terrazzo Built-in wardrobes by concrete structure with teak wood
features Kitchen cabinets & doors by veneer
Kitchen island by concrete structure finish by polished concrete or terrazzo + power outlets for washing machine
Downlight/spotlights by PHILIPS, rattan hanging lamps, sunken sofa Skimmer as for swimming pool + complete filters and pump x3
coconut/palm/kamboja trees Complete plants and flowers for garden



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