We are doing architectural work and custom designs, we're a team of 15 designers, architects and admins working on a daily basis from our office in Canggu

Prices for a standard brand new Villa design is Rp 65.000.000 including taxes, 12 weeks to complete

- Topography
- Soil Test
- Conceptual Design
- Render 3D Images
- Master layout
- Sections
- Elevation
- MEP Drawing
- Landscaping
- Drainage Layout
- Structural Details
- IMB Drawing
- Floor Plans

Prices for Conceptual design is Rp 25.000.000 including taxes, 8 weeks to complete

- Render 3D Images
- Master Layout
- Floor Plans
- Elevation

You are welcome for a meeting in our office to speak directly with our developers and contractors regarding your architecture plans

Payment plan

Our general construction payment schedule

- Deposit/secure project
10% DP to Notary Office trust account
week 0
- First payment
25% to BCD
week 4
- Second payment
25% to BCD
week 12
- Third payment
25% to BCD
week 24
- Fourt payment
10% to BCD
week 36
- Completion
0% to BCD
week 48
- Final payment
5% to BCD
week 60


Any purchase from us will get notarized in an Indonesian Notary office.
All agreements will be legally binding, Final working drawings, MEP, technical drawings and the developer contract signed in Notary will specifies the details of the construction project


Our Project Managers are actively working onsite and are communicating status with our contractors on a daily basis. We have in-house contractors, site inspectors and engineers on all our construction sites to assure that our builds meet the standard we want to give to our clients


BCD is responsible for paying any Building and Plumbing Permit fees, water and sewer tap fees, and electrical deposits. BCD will pay for any state electrical permits and fees. BCD guarantees that the work shall be free from any defects in workmanship and materials regarding structure (slab and foundation, columns, roofing structure) for a period of not less than three (3) years from the date of completion. BCD bear all risk of loss to the work, or materials or equipment for the work due to fire, theft, vandalism, or other casualty or cause, until the work is fully completed.


We know many available lands and have the best land scouts in Bali ready to assist you to find alternatives of lands in your area of interest. Do you need more information and want a first land Survey? Get in touch with us so we can arrange a meeting and start working on your plan of action

Management & Airbnb

At the moment we are not offering any management services but we can encourage you to contact our reputable partners who are well recognized in the management commerce in Bali


Construction tax is due once the building work is completed. The value of the tax is determined based on the “Rancangan Anggaran Biaya” (RAB)/BOQ of the building; this is the Construction Budget of the building. The rate of tax is 2% (or 20% of the Value Added Tax amount which is currently 10%). Depending on whether the construction was done in private or with a contractor will determine who is responsible for the tax. If the construction was done by a contractor, this would become the contractors tax liability.
VAT In Indonesia you need to register your company as VAT-liable if you have yearly revenue of IDR 4.8 billion, 10% is the standard rate.


IMB stands for Ijin Mendirikan Bangunan which literally means “permit to establish a building” commonly known as a “Building Permit”. It is an approval from the government to build a building

Soil test

Soil test provide the information needed to understand what's happening underground and how to build on it. The most important parts of any building are the foundations which need to be designed to suit the weight of the building being built and the strength of the ground that is to support it. We use soil test results to inspect the ground and give us the technical information we need to correctly design a building and its foundations


Topography / land survey is simply the mapping and measuring of your land The size and shape of the property Dimensions and distances to the boundary of houses, elevations, fences, utilities and any features of importance to the landowner To confirm your property lines before starting any home construction or additions. #This step will help save time, money, neighbourly disputes, and legal headaches.


The Zoning is important and will partly determine what kind of IMB you will get on your build. Some lands are only supposed to have certain types of buildings on it. We recommend to always conduct a procedure called INFORMASI TATA RUANG (ITR) and ask your legal advisor for directions regarding the results from the ITR

Renders / 3D Images

Our rendering images are for illustrative purposes only

Construction ETA

The duration of the construction depends on the scale of the project and also if you want us to first design a brand new design before construction can begin. Many of our Villa builds are completed in 11- 12 months


General prices South Bali Summer 2021 Price per sqm (building(s) only)

Simple Guest House - C CLASS Rp 5.000.000

AirBnB Villa - B CLASS Rp 8.000.000

High End Villa - A CLASS Rp 13.000.000

For final construction budget required for a project all construction data will be put together in a BOQ


We have hundreds of data point all over Bali to help us understand ROI and to calculate ADR with the best accuracy possible.

“We are all about giving out our services in the most professional way as we have the one of the best workforces in the business”